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FAQ - Compilations
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Questions about Compilations:

bulletCompilation CD's
bulletCan you make a CD out of several recordings?
bulletHow can I fill a CD with songs from various albums (compilation CD)?

Q:  I want to fill a CD with songs from various albums (compilation CD).


- To keep your cost down please follow this procedure:
Create a compilation cassette tape.  Be sure to leave a few seconds of silence between the songs so we can assign tracks to each song.  Request "Transfer Only" if you do not require sound restoration for the tape.  ("Sound Restoration" is recommended only if all the recordings on the tape show similar characteristics.)   Please check out the pricing page for additional information regarding length and number of tracks.  Please be sure to make a good quality tape.  It is impossible to make a perfect CD out of a technically inferior recording.  Please read the section above Inferior quality home or commercial recording.


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Q: Can you make a CD out of several recordings?


- Yes, it can be done from a set of 78rpm records, a set of home-made-records, or a set of 16-inch Transcriptions. 
- We do not offer a compilation service from several LP records or from several cassettes at this time.  To create a compilation from these formats, please use the method suggested above.
- The prices for these compilations are pre-calculated.  Please see:
     - 78 rpm compilation prices
     - home-made-records compilation prices
     - 16-inch Transcriptions compilation prices

- All of these items can be found on the Order Form.
- For a less expensive solution, please read Compilation CD.


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Our transfers to DVD do not suffer from "generation loss" problems.  On the contrary!



- Short life: Tape has a very limited life  
- Wear:  Each tape play shortens the life of the tape  
- Machines "eat" tape!  

- Long life: DVD's have a shelf life of over 100 years
- No wear:  DVD's can be played back an unlimited number of times

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New Formats Supported:

• Digital8 NTSC
• Hi8 PAL

• miniDV PAL
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