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FAQ - Order tracking questions
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Order tracking questions:

Order Tracking
My order has not moved from Studio Processing in the last 14 days.  Is there a problem?
I know you received my order today but it doesn't show in the Order Tracking System. Why?
I waited several days but I still can not get my customer ID number to work. What to do?
I live in Canada.  Do I use Canadian province abbreviations?
I do not live in the United States.  What abbreviation should I use for my country?
Do I need an order number to be able to use the Order Tracking System?

Q:  My order has not moved from Studio Processing in the last 14 days. Is there a problem?


- Even though it appears that an order doesn't move in the "Studio Processing" phase, it doesn't mean that no work is being done on your order. It doesn't mean that there is a problem with your order, either. In fact, it is in the best interest of your recording NOT to be rushed through the "Studio Processing" phase.   
"Studio Processing" is where most of the work takes place. Here is what happens to your recording in the "Studio Processing" phase:
Your recording, now digitally recorded onto a computer, is analyzed by an experienced sound engineer. Since this critical phase of the restoration process requires a great deal of experience, it is at this time performed by Cristian Coban, Ph.D.  On an average day Dr. Coban listens to and makes restoration decisions about dozens of recordings. The recordings are queued up and listened to in the order in which they were received. Typically a recording will be in the listening queue for several days. Each recording is restored individually, considering many factors, such as the physical condition of the record, the sound of the record, the type of material that is recorded, and many other elements.
Your recording is then processed by powerful computers. Even with powerful computers processing can take longer than the actual recording. All recordings are queued up for computer time in the order in which they have arrived at the computing stations.
After computer processing, your restored recording is inspected by a sound engineer. He/she listens for how effective the restoration process has been. If the restoration process has been ineffective or unsatisfactory your recording is returned to the sound engineer for another restoration, using a different approach. Sometimes this process is repeated 2-3-4-5 times.
While your recording is processed by computers the CD label is printed and the cover art is scanned (if you ordered the CD cover).
When your recording finally passes inspection, it must be mastered for CD. Recordings are queued up and processed in the order in which they arrive at the mastering stations. This process is done entirely "by hand" by a highly qualified audio technician. It involves deciding where each track should begin and end. A typical workday involves listening to hundreds of tracks and editing many of these by hand.
The CD master of your recording then goes on to the CD-R recording stations. Again, recordings are queued up and made into CD's in the order in which they arrive at the CD recording stations. Your CD is created and labeled. If your order includes a color CD cover, the color cover is added to the jewel-case.
Now your CD goes in for the final quality check. If something doesn't sound right on your CD, the job is routed back to where the problem originated. We DO NOT compromise quality, so if the CD has a sound problem the job will be returned to the beginning of the "Studio Processing" cycle.
If your CD passes inspection, it is ready for the next phase, "Prepare to Ship".
All this is happening while you see that your recording has not moved at all from Studio Processing. 

Please consider this: CVC Productions does not get paid on your order until after the "Studio Processing" phase is finished. We would rather have money in the bank than hundreds of pending orders in "Studio Processing", but quality work takes time. We are willing to work hard to put out a quality product. We hope you now understand why it is in the best interest of your recording NOT to be rushed through the "Studio Processing" phase.


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Q:  I know you received my order today but it doesn't show in the Order Tracking System. Why?


- The check-in phase is very important (we must log-in every item of every package) and very laborious. There may be a few hours delay between the time when we receive a package and the time when the Order Tracking System is updated. A package received late in the day may not post until the next day.  Some days we get more orders at the same time than we can thoroughly check-in in one day. We Admin Process the orders in the order in which we received them. As soon as your package can be thoroughly inventoried it will be entered in the Order Tracking System.



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Q:  I waited several days but I still can not get my customer ID number to work. What to do?


- It is possible that we made a spelling error when entering your customer ID.  Please email customerservice@lp2cd.com and tell us of the problem.  We'll correct the customer ID error as soon as we receive your email. 


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Q:  I live in Canada. Do I use Canadian province abbreviations?


- No. For Canada, use CA.
- In general, for countries other than US please use the standard Internet domain abbreviation for your country.


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Q:  I do not live in the United States. What abbreviation should I use for my country?


- For countries other than US please use the standard Internet domain abbreviation for your country.  Here is a list:

af Afghanistan
ad Andorra
ag Antigua and Barbuda
ai Anguilla
al Albania
am Armenia
an Netherland Antilles
ao Angola
aq Antarctica
ar Argentina
as American Samoa
at Austria
au Australia
aw Aruba
az Azerbaidjan
ba Bosnia-Herzegovina
bb Barbados
bd Banglades
be Belgium
bf Burkina Faso
bg Bulgaria
bh Bahrain
bi Burundi
bj Benin
bm Bermuda
bn Brunei Darussalam
bo Bolivia
br Brazil
bs Bahamas
bt Buthan
bv Bouvet Island
bw Botswana
by Belarus
bz Belize
ca Canada
cc Cocos Islands
cf Central African Republic
cg Congo
ch Switzerland
ci Ivory Coast
ck Cook Islands
cl Chile
cm Cameroon
cn China
co Colombia
cr Costa Rica
cs Czechoslovakia
cu Cuba
cv Cape Verde
cx Christmas Island
cy Cyprus
cz Czech Republic
de Germany
dj Djibouti
dk Denmark
dm Dominica
do Dominican Republic
dz Algeria
ec Ecuador
ee Estonia
eg Egypt
eh Western Sahara
es Spain
et Ethiopia
fi Finland
fj Fiji
fk Falkland Islands
fm Micronesia
fo Faroe Islands
fr France
fx France (European Territory)
ga Gabon
gb Great Britain
gd Grenada
ge Georgia
gh Ghana
gi Gibraltar
gl Greenland
gp Guadeloupe
gq Equatorial Guinea
gf Guyana
gm Gambia
gn Guinea
gr Greece
gt Guatemala
gu Guam
gw Guinea Bissau
gy Guyana
hk Hong Kong
hm Heard and McDonald Islands
hn Honduras
hr Croatia
ht Haiti
hu Hungary
id Indonesia
ie Ireland
il Israel
in India
io British Indian Ocean Territory
iq Iraq
ir Iran
is Iceland
it Italy
jm Jamaica
jo Jordan
jp Japan
ke Kenya
kg Kirgistan
kh Cambodia
ki Kiribati
km Comoros
kn Saint Kitts Nevis Anguilla
kp North Korea
kr South Korea
kw Kuwait
ky Cayman Islands
kz Kazachstan
la Laos
lb Lebanon
lc Saint Lucia
li Liechtenstein
lk Sri Lanka
lr Liberia
ls Lesotho
lt Lithuania
lu Luxembourg
lv Latvia
ly Libya
ma Morocco
mc Monaco
md Moldavia
mg Madagascar
mh Marshall Islands
ml Mali
mm Myanmar
mn Mongolia
mo Macau
mp Northern Mariana Islands
mq Martinique
mr Mauritania
ms Montserrat
mt Malta
mu Mauritius
mv Maldives
mw Malawi
mx Mexico
my Malaysia
mz Mozambique
na Namibia
nc New Caledonia
ne Niger
nf Norfolk Island
ng Nigeria
ni Nicaragua
nl Netherlands
no Norway
np Nepal
nr Nauru
nt Neutral Zone
nu Niue
nz New Zealand
om Oman
pa Panama
pe Peru
pf Polynesia
pg Papua New
ph Philippines
pk Pakistan
pl Poland
pm Saint Pierre and Miquelon
pn Pitcairn
pt Portugal
pr Puerto Rico
pw Palau
py Paraguay
qa Qatar
re Reunion
ro Romania
ru Russian Federation
rw Rwanda
sa Saudi Arabia
sb Solomon Islands
sc Seychelles
sd Sudan
se Sweden
sg Singapore
sh Saint Helena
si Slovenia
sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
sk Slovak Republic
sl Sierra Leone
sm San Marino
sn Senegal
so Somalia
sr Suriname
st Saint Tome and Principe
su Soviet Union
sv El Salvador
sy Syria
sz Swaziland
tc Turks and Caicos Islands
td Chad
tf French Southern Territory
tg Togo
th Thailand
tj Tadjikistan
tk Tokelau
tm Turkmenistan
tn Tunisia
to Tonga
tp East Timor
tr Turkey
tt Trinidad and Tobago
tv Tuvalu
tw Taiwan
tz Tanzania
ua Ukraine
ug Uganda
ae United Arab Emirates
uk United Kingdom
um US Minor Outlying Islands
us United States
uy Uruguay
uz Uzbekistan
va Vatican City State
vc Saint Vincent and Grenadines
ve Venezuela
vg Virgin Islands (British)
vi Virgin Islands (US)
vn Vietnam
vu Vanuatu
wf Wallis and Futuna Islands
ws Samoa
ye Yemen
yu Yugoslavia
za South Africa
zm Zambia
zr Zaire
zw Zimbabwe


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Q:  Do I need an order number to be able to use the Order Tracking System?


- No.  All you have to do is enter your Customer ID and click "Search".
- Your Customer ID is your last name, followed by the initial of your first name, followed by the 2-letter abbreviation of your state (lower case, NO spaces). The 2-letter abbreviation of the state only applies the the US. 
- For other countries, please use the standard Internet domain abbreviation for your country.


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