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Extreme Quality RAW Conversions Price List


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Price List for RAW Conversions:

1/2 Inch 8-Track Reel-to-Reel

1/4 Inch 8-Track Reel-to-Reel (example: Fostex recorded tapes)

1/4 Inch 4-Track Reel-to-Reel (4 simultaneous tracks)

1/4 Inch 2-Track Reel-to-Reel (stereo mixdown)

LP Records (Stereo LP's = 2 tracks, Mono LP's = 1 track)

Cassette (Stereo = 2 tracks)

16 inch Transcriptions (Mono = 1 track) 

(An Extreme Quality™ service)

We transfer all tracks perfectly synched (8 tracks or number of tracks present on the original recording) as raw .WAV data files (on data CD's or DVD's). You will be able to easily import all 8 tracks into your favorite editing program and give a new life to those masterpieces! You have a choice of "traditional" 16/44 or "high resolution" 24/96! 

Only RAW TRANSFERS in FORMATS DESCRIBED ABOVE qualify for this pricing. Please see below complete pricing.

Raw transfer means: no noise reduction, no trimming and no cutting into tracks.  8-track tape formats are recorded at tape speed 15 ips.  4-track and 2-track tape formats are recorded at tape speed 15 ips or 7.5 ips.  (No trimming means that there will be extra silent spaces at the beginning, end and at record or cassette side changes.)

Each track (1 through 8 - or as needed) on the tape becomes a track (1 through 8 - or as needed) on a data CD or DVD (data CD for transfers up to 700 Mb, data DVD(s) for transfers over 700 Mb).  For multiple 16-inch Transcriptions: please specify if you would like 1 CD for each transcription, or all transcriptions on 1 CD/DVD (price will not change).

Audio tracks in   .WAV format.  

Complete price list for RAW Conversions - all accepted formats:

16 bit / 44 kHz (16/44) resolution conversions, all accepted formats

Source Length 1-60 minutes (1 raw conversion for each source, price per transfer, 16/44) $49.95 ORDER NOW
Source Length 61-75 minutes (1 raw conversion for each source, price per transfer, 16/44) $59.95 ORDER NOW
Source Length 76-90 minutes (1 raw conversion for each source, price per transfer, 16/44) $69.95 ORDER NOW

24 bit / 96 kHz (24/96) resolution conversions, all accepted formats

Source Length 1-30 minutes (1 raw conversion for each source, price per transfer, 24/96) $59.95 ORDER NOW
Source Length 31-60 minutes (1 raw conversion for each source, price per transfer, 24/96) $79.95 ORDER NOW
Source Length 61-75 minutes (1 raw conversion for each source, price per transfer, 24/96) $94.95 ORDER NOW
Source Length 76-90 minutes (1 raw conversion for each source, price per transfer, 24/96) $109.95 ORDER NOW
Optional items
Extra CD/DVD copies without covers (price per each extra CD/DVD, the project may contain multiple DVD's)


RUSH Services - your project completed in 1 week or 72 hours (Limited availability. More details here.  See Order Form for current availability status and current pricing)  ORDER NOW
The reel-to-reel player heads and tape guides are cleaned before each play
Playback and recording on
Extreme Quality professional equipment, optimized for best performance
Raw data files (no noise reduction, no trimming, no cutting into tracks, 8-track tape formats are recorded at tape speed 15 ips, 4-track and 2-track tape formats are recorded at tape speed 15 ips or 7.5 ips.) at the resolution selected, suitable for import into your favorite sound processing or editing program

CDs/DVDs printed (we do not use glued-on labels)
CDs/DVDs quality checked
CDs/DVDs delivered in "classic jewel-case"
Over 22 years experience - 18,000 successful projects
On-line tracking system
Automatic email notifications on receipt of your recordings and order check-out
Optional RUSH Services: 1 week or 72 hours turnaround time (the Order Form lists current availability and prices)


For conversions up to 700 Mb a data CD will be prepared.  For conversions over 700 Mb data DVD(s) are prepared. 

The total cost depends on the recorded length of the original source (tape or record).

8-track tape formats will be played back at 15 ips speed. 4-track and 2-track tapes can played back at 15 ips or 7.5 ips. If your 8-track master tape was NOT originally recorded at 15 ips (or your 4-track or 2-track tape was not recorded at 15 ips or 7.5 ips) here's what to do: when you load the data files into your editing program, it is a very simple command to change the speed and pitch. A 1 octave change (up or down) will equal a change of tape speed by x2 or x1/2.  

It is unlikely that a tape will be over 90 minutes.  However, here's what happens if a tape is indeed longer than 90 minute: tapes 91 minutes to 178 minutes in length will be spit into two conversion projects (at the corresponding price per conversion project as described above) as follows: project 1 will be the first approx. 89 minutes of the tape; recording is stopped, rewound approx. 30 seconds, recording is restarted as project 2 for the balance of the recording.

Unless the owner has logged the tape and knows the duration, it is hard to predict how long each tape is. Knowing the size of the reel does not mean very much. 

The best approach in this situation is to know our pricing structure (see above).

Armed with this knowledge, you can order based on your best "guestimate".  We will charge the correct amount, based on the actual length, using the above published prices. 

If, after we begin processing, we find out that the tape is blank or can not be recorded, we will not make a CD/DVD, but charge instead a "Recording Fee" of $14.25 plus return shipping, and return the material to the customer. 

Please, DO NOT:

Do not send in tapes if you are not prepared to pay for the entire project (total duration or number of CD's/DVD's that may result from the tapes).

Do not ask us to make editorial decisions or to perform a "tape logging" service.  We will be unable to listen to the contents of the tape and convert only selections that meet certain criteria.  Tape logging services will be charged our studio rate of $115 per hour.  We are a transfer/conversion service and do not have the possibility to make editorial decisions. 

Do not ask us to record, than delete portions of the tape in order that the job will result in fewer CD's.   Example, do not ask us to record a tape, than put on the CD only songs 3, 7, 11 and 19.  Or, record a tape, than ask us to delete all radio shows and leave only people talking.  We are only able to convert full tapes, with all material that is contained on the tapes. 

If the 1/2 inch tape needs splicing, we will charge $14.25 Recording Fees for each group of 2 splices (or part of a group of 2 splices) we perform. If 1/4 inch tape needs splicing, we will charge $14.25 Recording Fees for each group of 3 splices (or part of a group of 3 splices) we perform.

Interesting data management facts:

Here's how much data you can expect for your project.  These estimates are for 8 tracks. For 4/2/1 tracks, please divide proportionally:

24/96 (24 bit / 96 kHz) resolution

Time Bytes Kb Gb DVD's/CD
10 min 1,352,304 1320.60  1.28  1 DVD
20 min 2,704,608 2,641.21  2.57  1 DVD
30 min 4,056,912  3,961.82  3.86  1 DVD
40 min 5,409,216  5,282.43  5.15  2 DVDs
50 min 6,761,520  6,603.04  6.44  2 DVDs
60 min 8,113,824  7,923.65  7.73  2 DVDs
70 min 9,466,128  9,224.73  9.00  2 DVDs
80 min 10,818,432  10,564.87  10.31  3 DVDs
90 min 12,170,736  11,885,484  11.60  3 DVDs

16/44 (16 bit / 44 kHz) resolution

Time Bytes Kb Gb DVD's/CD
10 min 417,776  407.98  0.39  1 CD
20 min 835,552  815.96  0.79  1 DVD
30 min 1,253,328  1,223.95  1.19  1 DVD
40 min 1,671,104  1,631.93  1.59  1 DVD
50 min 2,088,880  2,039.92  1.99  1 DVD
60 min 2,506,656  2,447.90  2.39  1 DVD
70 min 2,924,432  2,855.89  2.78  1 DVD
80 min 3,342,208  3,263.87  3.18  1 DVD
90 min 3,759,984  3,671.85  3.58  1 DVD

The above numbers assume a few extra seconds at the beginning, end and at side change.


Please see also our Professional Audio Restoration page

If you are not interested in Extreme Quality, check out our sister service LP2CD.com:


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