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Welcome to our Recommended Links section, a tightly themed directory of high quality sites connected with our theme:
  Acoustic Music 2
  Artists Official Sites 8
  Artists Unofficial Sites 3
  Audio Books
  Audio Reference 2
  Audio Technology 2
  Bands Official Sites 4
  Bands Unofficial Sites 1
  Blues 6
  Bookings 1
  Buying DVDs 1
  Buying Equipment 8
  Buying Music 2
  Buying Vinyl 1
  Choral Music 1
  Christian Music
  Composers 2
  Concerts 1
  Country 2
  Dance 6
  Directories 5
  Ethno 1
  Event Entertainment 8
  Folk 14
  Jazz 7
  Movies 2
  Music Festivals 6
  Music Instruction 6
  Music Jobs 1
  Music Libraries 1
  Music Organizations 1
  Music Resources 9
  Musical Instruments 12
  Pop 2
  Radio 7
  Radio - Public 3
  Record Labels 6
  Recording Studio 1
  Rock 3
  Sheet Music 2
  Television 2
  Various Music
  Venues 3
  Video Services 3
  Videos 1
  Vocal 1
  Wedding Photography 1
  World Music 24
  • COMPATIBLE SITES ONLY - We only exchange links with sites that have themes compatible with our site and are at least minimally popular.  If we see a reasonable connection with our theme and your site is well established, we'll exchange links.  We do not grant links to random or unrelated sites (there is a penalty imposed by Search Engines for such practices). 

  • RECIPROCAL LINKS ONLY - We give links on a reciprocal basis.  We will keep our end of the bargain, and keep your link on our site indefinitely (as long as the selection criteria for inclusion is maintained). We "Trust and Verify": besides trusting, we are running a link verification program that removes the links that do not reciprocate from our directory.  

  • PLEASE PLACE LINK FIRST - Before you run this submission form, please place a link to us on your site. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: when you place the link to us we will consider your submission and we will reciprocate if your site is of interest to us.  If we decide not to reciprocate, we will let you know so you can remove our link from your site.  If you do not place the link to us first, we will not consider your submittal and we will not reply to your inquiry. This is standard practice in link exchanging.  If you find this unusual you are probably just entering the business, learn to do it the right way.  You may copy and paste the suggested codes from below (omit the button if you do not give graphic links).  You may change the description, but please make sure the link pointing to us is http://avconvert.com. If you prefer, it is OK to link to a page other than our home page.

  • NO TRICKS PLEASE - We have seen hundreds of unscrupulous webmasters trying to trick others into exchanging worthless  links.  We will not exchange links with site that practice tricks such as: "no follow" tags for link pages, link pages excluded in "robots.txt", link directory can not be accessed directly from the front page, link directory can be accessed only by clicking on unlikely links such as "link to us", link directory can be accessed only from "invisible links", etc.

  • ONLY QUALITY LINKS EXCHANGED - We will not exchange links if your link pages are: daisy-chained (50 clicks to our link are worthless), a "link farm" (dozens or hundreds of links per page, no structure, no search facility, non-alphabetized, contains links to offensive sites, etc.).  We will not exchange links with zero content sites (sites that are nothing but links and ads).

  • NO 3-WAY LINKING - Your link to us must be on the same domain as the domain you are requesting a link to.  We will not grant "deals": "you give us a link to this site, we'll give you a link from this other site".

For your convenience, copy the following HTML code from box below to your link page:

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AVConvert.com - Extreme Quality AV Conversions Audio Video Convert - AVConvert - Obsolete format? We'll bring you up to date with our Extreme Quality Audio and Video Conversions.

Please also see our for Webmasters page for banner linking suggestions

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  • NOTE:  Depending on how busy we are trying to keep up with regular business, it may take a while before your link is reviewed and approved.  Don't rush to conclusions ("they won't give us a link") and don't rush to remove our link from your site.  The links we approve for a link exchange are "for life", so waiting a few extra weeks is worthwhile.  Right?

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