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Let me guess - you, like thousands of other people, have a box of your favorite music stashed away in the attic or a little used closet. You haven't ever gotten rid of these LP's or other vinyl recordings, 78's,  45's or 8 tracks, for one simple reason - you once listened to them over and over and they evoke fond memories. Modern technology has however, rendered the formats obsolete and you're stuck with something you can't quite bear to part with yet can't enjoy. Here is your solution: Let LP2CD build your own unique Time Machine!

Here are the 5 easy steps to traveling through time:

1. Chose recordings (LP, 78, 45, 8-tracks, cassettes or any other format)
2. Send recordings to us for restoration and transfer to CD
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5. Transport in time . . .

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We recognize the need to preserve your favorite albums, LP's, 12" singles (extended plays), 78's, 45's, even 8 tracks and cassette recordings. Some music was reissued in compact disc format. But a lot of great music that never achieved "hit status" has never been re-released. It will gradually disappear if it is not transferred to a medium suitable for long-term storage such as CD's. LP2CD restoration services demonstrate that restoring and transferring vinyl recordings to compact disc (CD) format is accessible to anyone with old records they treasure.

Your old vinyl recordings, 8-tracks or reel to reels are not junk - some of them might be priceless. You could own a rarity, the last surviving copy of a lost recording, or a great performance by an artist that never achieved fame. Some clients have told us that they threw away lots of music they thought they would never be able to play again, only to find out that all this music could have been restored, preserved and enhanced for repeated listening. Even if not "rare", your old recordings are special to you and we can let you hear them again, without hiss, crackles and scratches, with the enhanced audio quality and ease of use that compact discs provide.

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Music has the unique ability to refresh your memory, entertain, and promote understanding of culture lost - why allow that to slip away? Our motto "Restoring America's heritage, one record at a time..." summarizes our goal of preserving the music you love most and making it available in a stable, up to date, easy to listen to format. We have saved from oblivion thousands of recordings and put smiles on many faces. Each restoration project is unique, performed in one copy, and original recordings returned to the private collection of the owner. State of the art engineering equipment gives us the ability to not just transfer your old vinyl records to compact disc (CD), but to correct flaws that were inherent in many recordings, such as vinyl hiss, vinyl or shellac crackles, pops caused by scratches (we can reduce or eliminate them completely), clicks caused by 8-tracks changing tracks.  Just look for our customers' comments on this site (I won't tell you where they are so you search for them) to see what we can do.

Questions? We'll be happy to answer, but first take a spin in our Time Machine.

Why wait any longer. Ready for a trip through recording history? Buckle up and let's get going!

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