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Extreme Quality QUAD Conversions
An Extreme Quality™ service


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The greatest sensation of the music world!

4 Channel Dimensional Stereo

      You own some QUADRAPHONIC recordings.  
You don't have all that vintage QUAD equipment to play back your recordings.  
What to do?


We bring QUAD to the 21st century! 

Enter Dolby Digital and DTS, multi-channel formats used in movie theaters and many Home Theater installations.  We convert your QUAD recordings to a Dolby Digital (AC-3) or DTS encoded CD.  You place the CD in your DVD (or CD) player, and suddenly you are transported into another world: the world of multi-dimensional surround stereo.  

The sensation:     

Sure, you've experienced explosions and spaceships that move in 3D all around you at the movies.  But if you have never heard a QUAD recording, you have never experienced the unique sensation of being completely immersed in music. (Old QUAD enthusiasts know exactly what I am talking about. . .)

Some day all recordings will be multi-channel.

We are not there yet.  You can wait, then when the technology gets here, you can spend the big bucks to be one of the first to acquire it.  Or, you can get all that today, with existing technology and equipment.

What you need to be able to enjoy your QUAD recordings:

-  A DVD player equipped with a built-in Dolby Digital  or DTS decoder connected to a "home theater" multi-channel amplifier
-  A DVD player connected to a "home theater" integrated decoder (Dolby Digital or DTS) and multi-channel amplifier
-  A CD player with digital output, connected to a "home theater" decoder (Dolby Digital and DTS) and a multi-channel amplifier

Are you scared by the words "home theater"?

Yes, it sounds expensive.  10 years ago it was expensive. . .  Not any more. . .
Best Buy
sells complete "home theater" units (including speakers) for REALLY low prices!
Even Costco has joined the "home theater on a shoestring budget" game.  You can get your complete setup from Costco next time you go to buy soda and paper towels.

Please write to info141@avconvert.com if you find any other outlets for low price "home theater" setups.  We will publish your find on this Web site.

The message below is updated each time there is a change in the status of our service.  If you wonder if we are in business, the answer is: Yes we are, and this is the status of our service:

:   Operating at 100% - Please read below important information

In order to provide an updated user experience and easier ordering, we are in the process of transitioning this site with its audio and video services to our main company site at LP2CD.com
We encourage our established clients as well as our new customers to start using the LP2CD.com site.  Shortly after the transition is completed, this site will go off line.  Please change your bookmarks and other records (email address, etc.) to point to the LP2CD.com site.

We thank all our clients for your amazing support (we are very grateful!) as we are continuing to provide the same (or better!) level of service at the more modern site at LP2CD.com!

All the best,
Cristian Coban, Ph.D.
President, CVC Productions



Older DVD players do not play audio CD-R's

How to tell if your DVD player (or the player you plan on buying) plays audio CD-R's

The most reliable method: send $4 for our "DVD Player and Dolby Digital and DTS Test CD".  We'll send you the CD.  If it plays on your machine, you know all our conversions will play just fine.  If it doesn't play on your machine, you may be able to get a very cheap unit that will play audio CD-R's.  Take the Test CD  to any retailer and ask them to play the CD.  If it plays, Bingo!  You found your machine.  

Less reliable methods: look in the DVD player manual (or ask Technical Support of the manufacturer, or the retailer) if the player will play audio CD-R's (that is, audio CD-recordables).  Unless you see it printed in the manual, this is less reliable than the "Test CD" because unfortunately some tech support people do not know all the capabilities of their machines.  Even worse, many salespeople have no idea what an audio CD-R is and their answer is a guess (I guess they do, ma'am).  Right. . .

Pioneer DVD Players: we have tested a number of DVD players.  One brand played audio CD-R's across all models: Pioneer.  If you are unable (or unwilling) to go around testing DVD players, get a Pioneer DVD player.  It is a very good brand and all the models we tested played audio CD-R's.  


Quad formats accepted for conversion

4 channel Reel-to-Reel QUAD tape

8-track QUAD tape

SQ Quadraphonic LP albums 

CD-4 Discrete 4-channel Stereo LP albums

SOON QS.  Please write info141@avconvert.com if you would like us to implement this format

 Other formats?  Please write info141@avconvert.com 

Please check out our price list.

Uncompromised sound quality

Every nuance of the original recording is preserved in the transfer.

4 discrete channels, with total channel separation

Playback on perfectly calibrated studio equipment

Audio transferred over audiophile oxygen free, directional, balanced line cables

24 bit, 96khz outboard shielded A/D converters


Frequency response recorded: 7 Hz - 44 kHz (+/- 0.5dB at 96 kHz)

Frequency response of electronics: 1.6 Hz - 200kHz (at -3dB) 

THD 0.002% @ 1kHz.   THD at 20db gain: 0.0005%

Recorded to premium Kodak, archival quality CD-R's, with a life expectancy of over 100 years

Color cover jewel case insert - scan of both sides of album cover, printed in high resolution

Two types of QUAD conversions to CD:

QUAD/Dolby Digital (AC-3) or DTS Conversion (including Cover Art)

$37.95 for 1 QUAD tape converted to 1 CD - ORDER NOW

For complete pricing information, see Price List

QUAD/Dolby Digital (AC-3) or DTS Conversion  with Noise Reduction (including Cover Art)

$48.95 for 1 QUAD tape converted to 1 CD with Noise Reduction - ORDER NOW

For complete pricing information, see Price List

Dolby Digital (AC-3) or DTS.  You chose!

Cover Art:   Jewel case insert, consisting of complete scans of both the front and back covers of the album, printed in high resolution. Looks like the real thing!

REMEMBER: Not all DVD players play audio CD-R's.  To be sure you unit will, send for our DVD Player and Dolby Digital Test CD.

Click below and I'll take you there!

Andorra, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland
Research papers, presentations:  INSTANT DOWNLOADS
Exceptional gifts:  Panoramic Posters and Prints

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Extreme Quality™ 
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Extreme Quality™ Video Transfers to DVD
Convert all your old video tapes to DVD!
The quality of our transfers to DVD is outstanding!
Our transfers to DVD do not suffer from "generation loss" problems.  On the contrary!



- Short life: Tape has a very limited life  
- Wear:  Each tape play shortens the life of the tape  
- Machines "eat" tape!  

- Long life: DVD's have a shelf life of over 100 years
- No wear:  DVD's can be played back an unlimited number of times

New Formats Supported:

Digital8 NTSC

miniDV PAL
Digital8 PAL
Video8 PAL


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