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Joe Jones You Talk Too Much Murray the "K's" Sing Along...

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Our visitor Arnold R. McGall writes:
Around 1970 Joe Jones started a recording studio, talent agency and music publishing business in Rochester, NY. His dream was to make Rochester, NY the next "Motown". Unfortunately the operation closed after about two years. I worked for him as a recording engineer.
He was also a mentor to many recording and music artists regarding agency contracts and promotion contracts. He was a victum of unethical agents and producers during his early carreer and decided to help prevent others from being victimized.
Joe Jones also was involved with the girl group known as the Dixie Cups who had a hit entitled "The Chapel of Love".   (Thanks, Arnold, for the great info!)

Our visitor Jose Morais - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil writes:
"You Talk Too Much" (bop/R&B hybrid style) released in 1961, for "Prestige" label, by singer/guitarist Joe "Boogaloo" Jones (born Ivan Joseph Jones, August 12, 1926 in New Orleans, LA) . Joe Jones was very active in last 60's.   (Thanks, Jose!  Super!)

Our visitor Marion Dawson writes:
Joe Jones was a new orleans musician in the 50's and 60's. This was not his only hit, he also recorded several other songs recorded after 1960. His band played at our senior prom in Mobile AL in 1963. (Nice! Thanks, Marion!)

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B.J., Orlando, FL.

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