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Tommy Roe and The Roemans Diane From Manchaster Square 45rpm

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The collector writes:  This song is not that obscure, but it is interesting nonetheless -- and seldom heard today even on oldies stations. 

Our visitor Kent Pearson writes:
The Roemans were from the Tampa Bay area, and released about six 45 RPMs on ABC Paramount after parting company with Tommy Roe. The band was excellent, and I believe all it's members went on to bigger and better things.  Most notably, Berry Oakley, who went on to be the bassist for the Allman Bros.

Our visitor Bonny Sadler writes:
Don't know if any one has responded to this song yet. To tell you the truth, right now I'm in tears hearing it again.
Of course, everyone knows who Tommy Roe is. I was never sure exactly how he hooked up with the Roemans but he did for a short time; when he went on his own, the Roemans continued to perform on their own. They were Lannie Langford (who later became a deputy or highway patromlan and was killed in a high-speed car wreck going to an accident), Joe Pappalardo (wonder where he is?), Ron Schwarzkopf and the one that went on to become a "big" star, Bertie Higgins.
These guys were based out of my home town, Clearwater, Florida, and for a couple of my years, they were my life - followed them everywhere when they were in town. Once in about 1967, they opened for the Rolling Stones and the story was told here that when they opened for them in Atlanta that their reception was too good and the Stones didn't like it. 
There's a little bit of background. Tommy Roe doesn't have a way to e-mail him. Bertie Higgins still lives around here and acts like he's a star, has a website, performs here and there. Bye, Bonny
(Bonny, thanks a million for the great info!  And yes, it is "our mission" to put people in tears!)

Our visitor Cheri Miller writes:
Don't know that it is "background" - But Bertie Higgins is alive and well - he was one of the Roemans.
(That is good background info!  Thanks, Cheri!)

Our visitor Chris Howe from UK writes:
Hi, just browsing your site and noticed the query on Tommy Roe's song Diane From Manchester Square. I recall that when this song was released in the U.K. the publicity indicated that Tommy was visiting London and spent some time at the EMI offices/studio in Manchester Square, London. It seems that he also spent some time with a lady named Diane, who was working there, then wrote the song for her.
Please, do you recall a song which I think was Tommy's third single in the UK called (I think) Gonna take a chance on Love. Some of the words are, "Fell in love with Sue, she broke my heart in two, Sheila left me standing in the rain" which would seem to suggest that it was released after Sheila and Susie Darlin. Grateful for any info.   (Thanks, Chris.  Does anyone have an answer for Chris?)

Our visitor Phil Chesnut writes:
I am acquainted with several original members of the Roemans. they were a local group form New Port Richey Florida that backed Tommy Roe in the 1963-64 era.. Bertie Higgins of "Key Largo" fame played drums in the Roemans. There is a photo of Bertie and the Roemans on the Bertie Higgins website.    (Thanks, Phil, for this info. Good stuff!)

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