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Lemon Pipers Green Tambourine Green Tambourine

Engage!     Warp!

An anonymous visitor writes:
Thank you for a very high quality recording of The Lemon Pipers "Green Tambourine" from the spring of 1968. I was 11 years old at the time of the songs release, would turn 12 in October of that year. Brings back a lot of memories, God Bless you!    (Thanks for the nice comments. All the best!)

Our visitor E. J. David writes:
I attended Miami University of Ohio and had a class (philosophy, I think) with one of the band members. As I remember he sat near me in a large amphitheater classroom. As I recall we remained acquaintances during my time in the area, which was 1965-1968. In 1967 I was elected president of the local peace activist group called STEAP (Students to Educate and Act for Peace). I don't recall if any of the band members were active with STEAP. However, there seems to be some confusion concerning the role of P.J. O'ROURKE who also attended Miami at that time. In his book (I think it was Give War a Chance) he said something about having founded STEAP with 'Dusty' in 1968, I think it was. I remember Dusty, but not O'Rourke. And the year of founding (1968) seems unlikely.! All that seems like centuries ago....    (Thanks, E. J. , for this interesting information!)

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